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Poral Sintered Metal Products

Poral Sintered Metal Products

Since its establishment in1958, Poral has acquired worldwide recognition in development and manufacturing of Sintered metal, porous metal filters for filtration and diffusional applications or requirements.

We provide a wide range of porous metal product solutions including filters, diffusers and silencers, which can be cleaned and re-used extending the product life and minimizing the need for replacements.

Poral customers are market leaders in many different industries. No matter if you need standard shapes and fittings or customized filter solutions, we will be your partner to provide or develop the right product to meet your requirements.

“Poral is a member of the IFTS, Institute of Filtration and Techniques of Separation.”

Poral Filters are used for:

– Any fluid, liquid or gas – Diffusion (gas into liquid, gas into gas) – Corrosive environment – Pressure Drop, to protect equipment – Temperatures up to 800°C – Flame arrester – Differential Pressures up to 150bar (2175 psi) – Silencer

– Micro (0.5 to 1 µm) and particle (1 to 300 µm)  filtration and seperation

– Flow rate equalizer

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