V-Shape Vacuum Dryer

The V Processor is a complete system for solids treatment, providing gentle, free-flowing, precision mixing of powdery solids in any proportion, even with different densities and particle size distributions. Mixing with liquid addition is also included, obtaining microencapsulates and granulates by means of vacuum drying process.

  • Minor additives can be uniformly dispersed and the intensifying device breaks up abrasive or fragile agglomerates, as well as high or low density agglomerates.
  • A joint operation in one single machine reduces handling costs and avoids risk of product contamination and operator exposition. Complete processes without need for the materials to come out of the process, ensure that the products are not exposed to ambient conditions during the process.
  • Our engineers can custom-design a system according to your processing requirements, using instrumentation to permit monitoring and recording of process conditions.
  • Shorter drying cycles compared to static drying methods.
  • Gentle tumbling action for precise, quick drying of fragile materials.
  • Automation option (PLC) for control of an entire batch and recording of parameters during the cycle.
  • Pneumatic valve with pneumatic vacuum loading system.
  • Jacket temperatures up to 180ºC.