125CC – Crust Breaking DN50 Sampling Valve

This valve is used for products which could clog inside the dryer or vessel and block the piston. To eliminate the risk of this impeding product flow in to the sampling valve, FAMAT has developed the 125CC. With this kind of valve type, the crust will be broken by the piston before the sample is taken.

  • Remove the security device.
  • Turn the red handwheel clockwise to move the piston into the dryer to break the crust as shown on the picture.
  • Once the crust has been broken. Proceed with the standard sampling with the black handwheel to get the sample inside the bottle.

Product Description

Nominal Size DN 50 (2 in)
Max. Temperature +180 ºC +356 ºF
Min. Temperature -20 ºC +4 ºF
Pressure Class PN10
Design Pressure 10 bar 145 psi
Operating Pressure From full Vacuum to 10 bar/145 psi
INT. Roughness Ra ≤0.8 µm
EXT. Roughness Ra ≤3.2 µm
Appl. Standard 97/23/EC (PED ); 94/9/EC ; FDA
Body Material Stainless steel 1.4435 (316l), Hastelloy, Titanium etc
Seals Materials Viton, Viton/FEP/PFA, Perfluorelastomer FFKM; EPDM (All FDA)
Sample Unit Bottle 150 ml, glass Borosilicate with stainless steel protection
Weight 31 lb 14 kg


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