APF 750


Improve productivity, quality, and safety with Jaygo Filtration Systems. These systems offer complete product containment and solvent recovery to the user.

Agitated Pressure Filter Pressure or Vacuum

The system gives the agitated filter several significant advantages, including:

  • Reconstitution by agitation of the compound
  • Automatic integral drainage system

Hydraulic discharge door and swing out filter plate enable easy discharge and cleaning.

  • 100 to 7,500 liter working capacities.
  • 100 liter test unit available for rental or testing.

Product Description

Overall Sizes   Specifications  
Overall Sizes
Dimensions A (in) 102
Dimensions B (in) 117
Dimensions C (in) 30
Dimensions D (in) 66
Dimensions E (in) 37
Dimensions F (in) 16
Dimensions G (in) 22
Dimensions H (in) 33
Dimensions I (in) 54
Dimensions J (in) 76
Dimensions K (in) 14
Dimensions L (in) 9
Weight 4000 lb
Surface Area 7.6 ft² 0.71 m²
Power 5.5/7.5 hp
Stroke 16 in
Capacity 470 L
Note Dimensions approximate and are for reference only. They are subject to change.


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