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General Features

The BC BICONICAL BLENDER offers a gentle mixing and homogenizing process without shear, based on a solids/solids and solids/liquid mixing system, in powder, flakes or granulate form. This mixer comprises a biconical body with two inverted cones welded to a centre cylindrical section. The body is supported by two horizontal semi-shafts on two vertical frames; a gear motor is also included connected to the driving shaft which rotates for mixing of the product. Due to its characteristic shape and by rotating at a critical speed, the product is tossed inside generating gentle sliding currents with gentle crossings as the horizontal section changes constantly from circular to elliptic. The result is a uniform mixture without use of deflecting blades or any other mechanical devices. The main applications are for non-intensive mixing, homogenization batches and in general all processes which require a gentle mixing of solids to avoid breakage of particles and agglomerates.

  • Built in stainless steel AISI 304 and AISI 316, and other materials on customer’s request, with special coatings.
  • The biconical body is fitted with two openings (inlet and outlet) at the vertixes of the cones.
  • Inlet for loading and cleaning includes cover with handwheel lock.
  • The discharge outlet is equipped with a lever-operated butterfly valve.
  • An intensifier device can be installed in order to shorten operation times and at the same time disintegrate lumps and ensure a uniform dispersion in the middle of the load.
  • Addition of liquid doses can be sprayed through the intensifier.
  • Different external grain polishes available, depending on the customer’s requirements, and inner surfaces are mirror polished.
  • Motor and electric panel protection: normal IP-55 or flameproof EEx-dll-T5.
  • Possibility of installing frequency variators for changing the rotation speed of the mixing body and the intensifier.

Product Description

Working Capacity (L) 650 L
Total Capacity 1000 L
Cylindrical Section Diameter 1300 mm
Loading Diameter 350 mm
Dimensions C 3210 mm
Dimensions D 2350 mm
Dimensions E 1500 mm
Dimensions F 625 mm


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