The Jaygo Model DSVS units are designed with the following features:

  • Available in single or dual motor drives.
  • Various sizes to 200 HP.
  • Rugged steel construction.
  • Heavy duty sealed bearings.
  • Oversized shafts.
  • Heavy duty hydraulic lift.
  • Simple hand wheel control.
  • Heavy duty bow-tie or anchor impeller for mixing high viscous products.
  • Saw-Tooth blade for high speed high shear dispersion.
  • Adjustable safety tub holder.
  • TEFC or explosion proof motors.
  • Available with tachometer.
  • Available with ammeter.
  • Lubrication points are easily accessible.
  • Various models available:
    • Thru-the-floor
    • Tank mounted
    • Portable tub model
    • Vacuum model
    • Triple Shaft

The Jaygo Model DSVS Dual Shaft Variable Speed disperser is designed to disperse heavy viscous paste products. The unit has both a heavy duty mixing blade and high speed high shear dispersing blade. The heavy duty blade is designed to fit the diameter of the container. This allows the blade to pull the material from the container wall as the blade rotates.

The low speed blade thoroughly distributes the various ingredients of the formula and eliminates any pockets of dry material or agglomerates. During this mixing action the heavy product is constantly being forced into the working zone of the high shear blade by the movement of the low speed blade.

The operator has control over the mixing and dispersing process by varying the speed or using either or both the bow-tie blade or the high speed disperser.

Product Description

Low Speed 25/30 hp
High Speed 40/50/60 hp
Dimensions A 88 in
Dimensions B 136 in
Dimensions C 36 in
Dimensions D 30 in
Note Other sizes and combinations available.


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