The BC DRYER consists of a rotary dryer operating under vacuum and is capable of totally extracting water or other solvents from mixing and homogenization processes, in a gentle, precise process, without shear.

Solids/solids mixtures are possible in any percentage, as well as different densities and particle size distributions, for intermediate products or fine chemicals, end products and delicate, thermolabile more or less fine products, degradable, photosensitive or sterile products, injectable active substances or chemical reactives, designed specifically to be used with the range of crystalline structures and amorphous products.

  • Perfectly homogeneous and uniform dried batch.
  • Reduced drying times, because of the lump breakers action.
  • Absolute safety for the operators, the product and the environment.
  • Design in full compliance with GMP and FDA standards, and consequently cleaning and inspection operations easier and faster than any other dryer.
  • Fast and total discharge of dried product.
  • Very high final vacuum.
  • Very low final moisture contents

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