Benefits of Refurbished Equipment for Start-Up Cosmetic Companies

Starting your own cosmetics company comes with a lot of overhead costs, especially if you want to mix and blend cosmetics yourself. As you build your equipment base and start the manufacturing process, consider the use of refurbished equipment for the company.

Refurbished equipment comes with many benefits and can help a start-up company carefully plan out the proper mixers and equipment to use within a cosmetics lab. Check out all of the benefits and how your business can get started on the right foot with these changes.

1. Cheaper Costs

One of the main benefits you will come across with refurbished lab equipment like mixers and blenders is the cheaper cost. A discounted lab mixer will help cut down on your start-up costs without the need to compromise on equipment. A new retail version of a mixer may not fit into your budget, but a refurbished version could perfectly meet your needs.

With the cheaper costs, you can cut down on your start-up overhead and reach profits at a faster rate. The amount of equipment you can afford will increase as well. When you shop around for discounts, you may find savings through blenders and mixers that allow you to purchase extra equipment and increase your production output.

2. Full Inspections

When a company sells refurbished lab equipment, the equipment is not just taken from another lab and placed on the market. You have many advantages through the full inspection process. An inspection includes product tests and part replacements if something has gone wrong. The inspection also includes a full cleaning of the product.

Through the inspection, you will essentially receive a brand-new product and will not run into any problems. This is one of the main differences between new and used products. Used products are simply used without any guarantee of performance or longevity.

A company that sells refurbished products has their business reputation to live up to and will ensure the mixer is like-new and in the best condition possible.

3. Extended Warranties

Along with inspections and cleaning, many refurbished products will come with an extended warranty provided by the company who sells the product. As a start-up business, you do not want to have a machine break down and invest a lot of money into a new one right away.

An extended warranty gives you a lot of extra protection and reassurance you will have a working product. The warranty may include free repairs, replacement parts, and consumer help from trained professionals. The duration of a warranty varies and depends on the type of equipment of the warranty that a company offers.

You should read through the warranty agreement to understand everything that is covered and the duration.

4. Classic Equipment & Other Cosmetic Companies

As you do your research about other cosmetic companies and manufacturing, you may come across methods and ways they achieved some of their most popular products. Unfortunately, some of the equipment used to make classic products may not be on the market anymore.

With refurbished equipment sales, you have the option to shop for older equipment that is not sold new anymore. The refurbished equipment could have the features and design you seek to create your custom cosmetics. In some cases, a company may rely on new parts and modern upgrades to keep older equipment running smoothly.

Take extra time to find exactly what you’re looking for. With refurbished equipment, the stock is constantly changing and will provide you with a lot of choices as you prepare to launch your business.

For more information on refurbished products, contact us at Jaygo, Inc. We have a wide variety of options available and can help you find refurbished products ideal for your business launch.