Sigma Blade Mixer, Double Arm Mixer, Kneader Mixers, Z Blade Mixer

Double Arm Mixer, Sigma Blade, and Z Blade Mixers

Double Arm Mixers, Mixer Extruders and Z Blade mixers are designed to mix, blend, disperse, and knead high and very high viscosity products. Double Arm Mixers include two mixing blades, normally “Sigma” shaped, but also available in “Dispersion”, or “Double Nobbin” shapes.

A heating / cooling jacket is welded to the mixer trough and end plates. Cored blades are available for tougher applications requiring heating or cooling through the blades.

Sigma Blade Mixers are constructed from either Carbon Steel or Stainless Steel (304 or 316) in sizes ranging from laboratory and pilot, up to large production batches. Available features can include dust / vapor tight, or vacuum designed covers, vacuum capability to 29″ HgV, removable wear liners, and PLC / HMI controls.Products may be discharged via hydraulic tilt discharge, bottom valves, or in the case of the Mixer Extruder, an extrusion screw.

Discharge of the product can be accomplished by several methods.