Double Planetary and Multi-Shaft Mixers Wet and Dry Mixing, Blending, & Dispersion

Discharge Press

Discharge Press for Packing High Viscosity Products

Type PDH:
For cartridge or can filling of:

  • printing inks
  • putties and mastics
  • silicone rubber putties
  • adhesives
  • foodstuffs


Special Models

Standard units can be modified in several ways to meet specific requirements and needs.

  • The unit can be simplified to be used only as an extracting system or to feed a Triple Roller Mill.
  • The unit can be adapted to fill oversize cans or drums. Instead of volumetric proportioner, unit is combined with a scale system.
  • All unit parts in direct contact with the product can be made in stainless steel.
  • The unit can be fitted with an explosion-proof motor and electrical equipment.
  • Starters and controls can be supplied if required.
  • Standard proportioners available.