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Some of the applications Jaygo mixers are used for in the Chemical Industry Double Planetary Mixers -> Battery paste, epoxies, carbon resin compounds, munitions, adhesives, sealants, solder. Conical Screw Blenders -> Catalysts, pigment master batches, agricultural herbicides, biomass processing. Double Arm Mixers -> Silicone rubber, construction caulk, catalytic converter ceramics, brake lining compounds, hot melt adhesives. Vacuum Deaerator -> X-ray film coatings, water-based adhesives, automotive body filler paste. Multi-Shaft Mixers -> Adhesives, sealants Double Cone Blenders -> Laundry detergent, pigment masterbatches, reagents, metal powders, grinding wheel abrasives.

Foods & Beverages

Some of the applications Jaygo mixers are used for in the Food & Beverages IndustriesConical Screw Blenders -> Snack foods, nutritional bars, cake mixes, pet foods. Double Arm Mixers -> Chewing gum, cookie dough, candy re-work, energy bars. Turbulent Blenders -> Powdered drink mixes, powdered food coatings, breakfast cereals, artificial sweeteners. Vacuum Deaerator -> Condiments, syrup flavoring, fish brine suspensions, toothpaste, salad dressing. Ribbon Blenders -> Tea mixes, dry soup mixes

Pharmaceuticals & Health Care

Some of the applications Jaygo mixers are used for in the Pharmaceutical & Health Care IndustriesConical Screw Blenders -> Gelatin capsules, active pharmaceutical ingredients, nutraceuticals. Vee Blenders -> Multi-vitamins, granulations, pain relief medications. Double Planetary Mixers -> Dental compounds, specialty toothpastes, medicated ointments. Agitated Pressure Filter -> Active pharmaceutical ingredients, filter. Double Arm Mixers -> Medicated chewing gum, transdermal patches, medical adhesives


Some of the applications Jaygo mixers are used for in the Cosmetics IndustryAltern Mill -> Lipstick, cover-up, liquid foundation, body make-up. Multi-Shaft Mixers -> Shampoo, conditioner, hair gel, body lotion, lip balm. Double Planetary Mixers -> Mascara, mud masks, facial scrub. Novamix Granulator -> Blush, eye shadow, face powder. Vee Blender -> Scented powders, foundation, powdered concealers.

Paint & coatings

Some of the applications Jaygo mixers are used for in the Paints & Coatings IndustriesDouble Arm Mixers -> Pigment salt grinds, ink flushes. Multi-Shaft Mixers -> Polyurethane, pigment dispersions, dyes. Altern Mill -> Artists paints. Double Planetary Mixers -> Resins, plastisol, silicone.
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