Double Planetary and Multi-Shaft Mixers Wet and Dry Mixing, Blending, & Dispersion

Equipment Rental and Testing Facility

Jaygo’s equipment rental program makes quality equipment available to customers who wants to test equipment in their plant. We also rent equipment to customers while Jaygo builds custom process equipment. We offer a wide range of equipment for rent including agitated filer dryers Double, conical screw blenders, cosmetic mills, discharge presses, liquid strainer systems, mixer extruders, pan dryers, planetary mixers,Double Arm sigma blade mixers, turbulent blenders, vacuum blenders, and vee blenders. Equipment is designed for a range of batch volumes from 1 liter small capacity bench top equipment up to small production floor mount configurations. Heating, cooling, and vacuum features are available with vacuum pumps, oil heaters, water heaters, and temperature control units. Our testing facilities allow us to work with customers to optimize their production methods and equipment.

Our staff of technicians can run products tests in our facility, which is equipped with heating and cooling capabilities, exhaust fans, digital scales and other testing equipment. Most of our product line is available for testing to ensure that customers thoroughly understand the capabilities of the process equipment. We pride ourselves in providing customers with complete process solutions. Our variety of machinery and testing facilities combined with our extensive experience in batch processing allow us to provide this unique service to customers who are seeking something more than an off the shelf machine. For more information about our equipment rental and testing facilities, see the table below, or contact us directly.

Batch Process Equipment Rental & Testing Facility Capability

Equipment Currently Available
  • Agitated Filter Dryers
  • Conical Screw Blenders
  • Cosmetic / Lipstick Mill
  • Discharge Presses
  • Liquid Strainer Systems
  • Mixer Extruders
  • Pan Dryers
  • Double Planetary Mixers
  • Double Arm Sigma Blade Mixers
  • Turbulent Blenders
  • Vacuum Deaerators
  • Vee Blenders
Auxillary Equipment
  • Vacuum Pumps
  • Oil Heaters
  • Temperature Control Units (TCU), Oil or Water
  • Discharge Presses
Size Available
  • Benchtop to Small Production