Some of the applications Jaygo mixers are used for in the Chemical Industry.
Double Planetary Mixers -> battery paste, epoxies, carbon resin compounds, munitions, adhesives, sealants, solder.
Conical Screw Blenders –> catalysts, pigment master batches, agricultural herbicides, biomass processing.
Double Arm Sigma Blade Mixers –> silicone rubber, construction caulk, catalytic converter ceramics, brake lining compounds, hot melt adhesives.
Vacuum Deaerator –> x-ray film coatings, water-based adhesives, automotive body filler paste.
Multi-Shaft Mixers –> adhesives, sealants.
Double Cone Blenders –> laundry detergent, pigment masterbatches, reagents, metal powders, grinding wheel abrasives.
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