Quality Double Arm Mixer / Sigma Blade Mixers

Double Arm Mixers and Mixer Extruders designed to mix, blend, disperse, and knead high and very high viscosity products. Double Arm Mixers include two mixing blades, normally “Sigma” shaped, but also available in “Dispersion”, or “Double Nobbin” shapes.

A heating / cooling jacket is welded to the mixer trough and end plates. Cored blades are available for tougher applications requiring heating or cooling through the blades.

are constructed from either Carbon Steel or Stainless Steel (304 or 316) in sizes ranging from laboratory and pilot, up to large production batches. Available features can include dust / vapor tight, or vacuum designed covers, vacuum capability to 29″ HgV, removable wear liners, and PLC / HMI controls.Products may be discharged via hydraulic tilt discharge, bottom valves, or in the case of the Mixer Extruder, an extrusion screw.

Discharge of the product can be accomplished by several methods.

this sigma mixer is also know as a double arm mixer


  • Mechanical or hydraulic drive system
  • Jacketed mixing troughs or heating and cooling
  • Designed for pressure, vacuum, or inert gas operation
  • Remote operator control
  • Specialized die heads / special extrusion spouts
  • Automated operation of cover via hydraulic piston
  • Cored blades of various design


Double Arm Sigma Blade Mixers are suitable for many applications, including: Sealing compounds, asphaltic derivatives, mastics, hot-melts, floor coverings, colorings, rubber base, master-batches, chewing gum, rubber compounds, silicone, lubricating greases, dispersed pigments, butyl, gums and adhesives, ceramic paste, polyester compounds, greasy inks, pencil leads, explosives, powders to granulate, PVC coatings, resins, soap, brake linings, carbon electrodes, celluloid, Bakelite, battery paste, polishing pastes, …


Laboratory Mixers are available in sizes ranging from 1/4 gallon to 3 gallon working capacity. Variable speed drive on the blades standard. Stainless steel construction standard, jacketed is standard.

Double Arm Mixers are also known as Baker Perkins Universal Mixers.

    Model #
    Total Capacity
    Working Capacity
    Tilting Mechanism

    M 52-S Standard 30L 20L 5hp Manual 400 kg

    M 53-S Standard 85L 60L 7.5hp Hydro-manual 650kg

    M 54-S Standard 150L 100L 8hp Electro-hydraulic 900kg

    M 55-S Standard 250L 175L 10hp Electro-hydraulic 1200kg

    M 56-S Standard 350L 250 L 12hp Electro-hydraulic 1400kg

    M 57-S Standard 500L 350L 20hp Electro-hydraulic 2600kg

    M 58-S Standard 1000L 750L 35hp Electro-hydraulic 4800kg

    M 130-S Standard 1300L 1000L 50hp Electro-hydraulic 8850kg

    M 160-S Standard 1600L 1250L 60hp Electro-hydraulic 9850kg

    M 200-S Standard 2000L 1500L 80hp Electro-hydraulic 10850kg

    M 250-S Standard 2500L 2000L 100hp Electro-hydraulic 11350kg

    M 52-L Heavy 30L 20L 7.5hp Manual 550kg

    M 53-L Heavy 85L 60L 12hp Hydro-manual 780kg

    M 54-L Heavy 150 100L 15hp Electro-hydraulic 1300kg

    M 55-L Heavy 250L 175L 20hp Electro-hydraulic 1400kg

    M 56-L Heavy 350L 250L 30hp Electro-hydraulic 1750kg

    M 57-L Heavy 500L 350L 45hp Electro-hydraulic 2650kg

    M 58-L Heavy 1000L 750L 60hp Electro-hydraulic 5100kg

    M 130-L Heavy 1300L 1000L 80hp Electro-hydraulic 8850kg

    M 160-L Heavy 1600L 1250L 100hp Electro-hydraulic 9850kg

    M 200-L Heavy 2000L 1500L 125hp Electro-hydraulic 10850kg

    M 250-L Heavy 2500L 2500L 140hp Electro-hydraulic 11350kg

    M 52-SL Super Heavy 30L 20 10ph Manual 700kg

    M 53-SL Super Heavy 85L 60L 15hp Hydro-manual 900kg

    M 54-SL Super Heavy 150L 100L 20hp Electro-hydraulic 1500kg

    M 55-SL Super Heavy 250L 175L 25hp Electro-hydraulic 1650kg

    M 56-SL Super Heavy 350L 250L 40hp Electro-hydraulic 2400kg

    M 57-SL Super Heavy 500L 350L 55hp Electro-hydraulic 3200kg

    M 58-SL Super Heavy 1000L 750L 80hp Electro-hydraulic 5800kg

    M 60-SL Super Heavy 600L 400L 100hp Electro-hydraulic 6500kg

    M 100-SL Super Heavy 1000L 750L 120hp Electro-hydraulic 8000kg

    M 160-SL Super Heavy 1600L 1200L 150hp Electro-hydraulic 11000kg

    M 200-SL Super Heavy 2000L 1500L 170hp Electro-hydraulic 11500kg

    M 250-SL Super Heavy 2500L 2000L 200hp Electro-hydraulic 12000kg