Proportioning Press

Proportioning Press for Packing High Viscosity Products

Type PDH:

For cartridge or can filling of:

  • printing inks
  • putties and mastics
  • silicone rubber putties
  • adhesives
  • foodstuffs

And any pasty product of high viscosity.

Precision packaging to ± 1% of total fill volume
Highly viscous products are accurately packed by the unit’s volumetric proportioner. Portion sizes are controlled, readily adjustable, and protected from over or under filling. The hydraulic operated press easily packs your product into cans or cartridges.

Semi Automatic, Easy to Operate
This unit is designed to be operated by one person. Product is packed directly from the reinforced mixer tank. Tank is lifted by the hydraulic ram to the appropriate packing level. A quick coupling device connects the proportioning unit to the tank outlet. The operator simply places the cans or cartridges to be filled in the loading zone of the unit. The unit can automatically sense the position of the container and discharges the product. A special shut-off valve eliminates dripping or stringing.

Automatization Possibilities
Easy attachment of a can feeder, as well as closing, labeling and coding machines, plus a conveyer belt for transport of cans to storage will convert your unit to a fully automatic process.

Contamination Free Packing
Because the product is packed directly from the mixer tank and is never in contact with the air, there is no danger of any contamination of your product. This feature is especially important in the processing of products that harden or form a skin in the presence of air.

Quick and Easy Changeover Process
All parts of the unit in product contact can be removed easily and cleaned. To facilitate the change of color or formula, a plastic film can be placed over the plate before operation, keeping it clean. In addition, to further speed up this process, several sets of the parts in product contact can be purchased with the unit.

Special Models
Standard units can be modified in several ways to meet specific requirements and needs.

  • The unit can be simplified to be used only as an extracting system or to feed a Triple Roller Mill.
  • The unit can be adapted to fill oversize cans or drums. Instead of volumetric proportioner, unit is combined with a scale system.
  • All unit parts in direct contact with the product can be made in stainless steel.
  • The unit can be fitted with an explosion-proof motor and electrical equipment.
  • Starters and controls can be supplied if required.
  • Standard proportioners available.

Standard Proportioners
Capacity per piston-stroke: 0 – 1000 c.c. – 0 – 2500 c.c. – 0 – 5000 c.c.(other capacities on request) 0 – 61 – 0 – 152 – 0 – 305

Approximate Output Range: available on fully automatic systems
In cartridges or cans of 300 c.c.
(18……………From 1000 to 1200 units/hour
In cans of 1000 c.c.
(61…………….From 800 to 1000 units/hour
In cans of 2500 c.c.
(152 ……………From 300 to 400 units/hour

    Model #
    Tank Diameter (Ø)
    Tank Inside Height
    Dimensions A
    Dimensions B

    PDH-65 25.6 in 650 mm 23.6 in 600 mm 5.5 hp 4 kW 36.2 in 920 mm 61.4 in 1560 mm

    PDH-80 31.5 in 800 mm 28.3 in 720 mm 5.5 hp 4 kW 52.4 in 1330 mm 84.3 in 2140 mm

    PDH-90 35.4 in 900 mm 31.5 in 800 mm 5.5 hp 4 kW 52.4 in 1330 mm 84.3 in 2140 mm

    PDH-100 39.4 in 1000 mm 35.4 in 900 mm 7.5 hp 5.5 kW 71.6 in 1820 mm 118.1 in 3000 mm

    PDH-120 47.2 in 1200 mm 35.4 in 900 mm 7.5 hp 5.5 kW 86.2 in 2190 mm 122.2 in 3105 mm