Typical installation of a 3000 series machine at a large paint manufacturing plant. The special unit enables remote filling at speeds up to 250 litres/min. at over 100 meters from the filling machine.

A high output unit capable of handling a throughput of up to 12000 litres per hour. The ideal unit for the continuous production of a wide range of standard products.

This strainer can be designed to meet specific requirements and can be fitted with a range of pumps to allow a wide variation of applications.

The unit is supplied as a gravity feed unit as standard.

Continuous Operation

The Jenag Series 1800 and 3000 strainers are particularly suitable for high-volume, continuous-flow operations with outputs up to 6000 litres per hour and 12000 litres per hour respectively. Once set up to provide the required flow rates of output and backwash, they can operate continuously without further supervision. Sludge may be dropped from the machine at the end of the working shift or even whilst the machine is in operation, should this be necessary.

The units may be connected directly to a weight operated filling machine for automatic operation or with the addition of a simple automatic control system, to a volume operated system. Once connected the output from the Jenag strainer will be automatically controlled by the demand of the filling machine itself.

Product Description


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