If you need to buy a new blender for your plant, then you have to decide which kind to use. While ribbon, paddle, plough, and planetary options work well in some scenarios,
a conical screw blender has some useful advantages. What are they?

1. Versatile Blending

Some blending and mixing machines work well on some materials and not so well on others. For example, some machines aren’t a suitable solution for heat-sensitive materials –
the machines create too much heat as they work which can affect the materials they mix. Some machines also give too rough a mix for sensitive materials or don’t have the power
to effectively mix denser and multi-character blends.

Conical screw blenders are more versatile. These blenders have a gentle but thorough mixing power. They have a three-way mixing action involving their cones, screws, and

So, they can mix heat-sensitive, delicate, and dense materials more effectively. You can use these machines to work on multiple product types and mixes without having to
invest in multiple blenders to work on different products.

Plus, conical screw blenders can handle different mix volumes. Some blending and mixing machines only work effectively if you fill them to working capacity. This makes it
harder to mix smaller batches. This isn’t a problem with cone machines. The cone can take small batches at a fraction of its full working capacity.

2. Space-Saving Footprint

If you don’t have much spare space in your plant, then new machines need to fit in with your existing layout. You might not find it easy to fit some blending and mixing
machines on your production floor. For example, ribbon blenders have a rectangular footprint; you need enough space on the floor to take the shape of the machine.

If you’re tight on floor space, then a conical screw blender could be the answer. These machines have a vertical design. The main parts of the machine stack on to a smaller
base. So, this kind of blender takes up less floor space.

3. Easier Maintenance

Some blenders and mixers take time to clean. For example, if you blend your mixes in a square or rectangular box tray, then you have to clean residues out of edges and
corners. The more time you need to clean a machine, the longer you have to wait to use it again. This time adds up if you use the machine to mix different products and need to
clean it out after every job.

Conical screw blenders are easier and faster to clean. The cone encourages materials to fall down its sides through to the exit hole. Even if you have some residue after a
mix, it should be easier to clean off.

4. Cost-Effective Operation

To keep your production costs as low as possible, look for a blender with acceptable operating costs. If a machine is expensive to run, then you might not get the most costeffective

For example, some blenders are power-hungry. They use a lot of energy during the blending process especially if you use them for smaller volumes or heavier loads. Plus, some
machines don’t have the ability to fully discharge a load. You might have some wastage costs if a part of every mix stays in the machine.

Conical screw blenders use less power. Their triple-mix design enables them to work hard without using as much energy. Plus, the shape of the cone boosts discharge rates.
The sides of the cone and the screw action encourage materials to move through the machine. Your wastage decreases.

To find out more about conical screw blenders and their advantages, contact the experts at Jaygo Incorporated. We can help you
decide if this is the best mixing solution for your product lines. If it isn’t, we can help you choose a more suitable option from our other blending and mixing products.