In an effort to dispel some confusion over the name Baker Perkins in reference to the Double Arm Mixers, we felt it beneficial to provide a short history of the Baker Perkins name, and company.

The name “Baker Perkins” is often associated with Sigma Blade Mixers or Double Arm Mixers. However, research shows that this machine (whose agitators were actually two elliptical discs at its inception) was initially named The Universal Mixer and was the brainchild of a German inventor (Freyburger), who in 1896 sold his world rights to Paul Pfleiderer. Paul was manager of Werner Pleiderer and Perkins in London at the time, selling bakery equipment, including existing mixing and kneading equipment designed by Werner and Pfleiderer. Through various mergers and acquisitions, one being Werner Pleiderer and Perkins’s merger with Joseph Baker and Sons, the company expanded, and by 1923 was renamed Baker Perkins Ltd. From that point, Baker Perkins became the dominant supplier of the Double Arm Mixer in the world. Shipping thousands of the mixers literally into all industry areas, and causing the name Baker Perkins to become synonymous with Double Arm Mixers, Sigma Blade Mixers, and similarly named mixers.

However, times change, better manufacturing methods come along, and leaner, more nimble companies arise to fill needs not supplied by other companies. In 1971 Jaygo was founded by John Hayday and Alvin Matt to fulfill many of the chemical industry’s unmet needs, and they introduced a very high quality, reasonably priced competitive machine to compete directly with Baker Perkins. And the rest, as they say, is history…

Double Arm Sigma Blade Mixer | Model M 130 L with Overlapping Blades | Metal Powders

Jaygo ‘s Double Arm mixers are the modern-day version of the Baker Perkins Universal Mixer