Double Planetary and Multi-Shaft Mixers Wet and Dry Mixing, Blending, & Dispersion
100 Liter Triple Shaft Mixer

Multi Shaft Mixers

Wet and Dry Mixing, Blending, & Dispersion

Jaygo’s Multi-Shaft Mixers are robust, heavy-duty mixing machines designed for the production of a multitude of products. Through the guidance of Jaygo’s sales team, customers can select equipment from a variety of agitator shapes and sizes designed to emulsify, disperse, and mix all types of products. Free flowing or wet powders can also be mixed, granulated, and dried utilizing various blade options. Typical product viscosities range from 1 cps to approximately 750,000 centipoises.

Jaygo Multi-Shaft Mixer manufacturer offering process flexibility, user friendliness, and easy to clean / maintain designs. Sizes from 1 to 1500 liters working capacity are typical, with larger batch sizes available on request.