Tips for Improving the Longevity of Your Industrial Mixer

  Industrial mixers can be the heart and soul of any restaurant kitchen. They prevent excessive cooking times, ensure consistent dough mixing, and even regulate the level of ingredients. Yet, when the mixers break down midway through a recipe or need a replacement, you might experience a lot of anxiety. Proper maintenance is the secret to your heavy-duty mixer’s long life and durability. Learn some tips to help you maintain it and extend its life.

Put the Mixer to Its Intended Use

You would be surprised at how often people fail to use their mixer for its intended purpose. In most cases, the use of mixers beyond their design limits is a common cause of premature failure. Therefore, do not use your mixer for other applications other than what it is intended for.

Choose the appropriate mixing attachment for the task at hand. For example, use a paddle attachment to mix dough or batters and a wire whisk to whip cream or eggs.

Moreover, adjust the mixer’s speed to the appropriate setting depending on the recipe. Most mixers have variable speed controls that you can adjust to achieve the desired mixing speed. This way, you will use the mixer for its intended purpose and achieve the best results in your baking and cooking.

Replace Parts Immediately

Do not wait until your mixer breaks down completely to replace its parts. Over time, components can become worn and inefficient, leading to decreased performance and increased energy consumption. Replace the parts before they fail to ensure optimal performance and avoid costly repairs.

Commercial mixers are costly. The sooner you replace parts that show wear and tear signs, the better your savings. Therefore, the key is to regularly inspect your commercial mixer’s components and replace them immediately when necessary.

Ensure It Stays Dry

After a particularly busy day, cleaning up a kitchen mixer can be a real chore. It will become damaged if the mixer gets wet and sits around in water or suds. Water buildup makes the unit more susceptible to breaking down over time. Thus, ensure it stays dry after you clean it.

Moreover, do not use high-pressure cleaning techniques on your commercial mixer. High-pressure cleaning can cause water to seep into the mixer’s cracks and crevices. This water buildup can lead to corrosion, rust, and other irreversible damage. Additionally, high pressure can damage the seals and gaskets, leading to leaks and decreased efficiency.   Instead, use a non-abrasive cleaning method that will not damage delicate parts. For example, foam and steam cleaning use low pressure, which will not force water into the mixer’s cracks and crevices. This step will help preserve the equipment’s reliability and ensure it continues to work efficiently.

Lubricate Moving Parts

Commercial kitchen mixers require regular lubrication of moving parts to operate effectively and last longer. Thus, lubricate your industrial mixer’s moving parts regularly.

Lubrication keeps the parts from grinding against each other, reducing wear and tear. As a result, the parts are able to move more smoothly and efficiently. This step also allows the mixer to operate more reliably and longer. Use food-grade lubricant to lube these parts.

Regular maintenance is key to keeping your industrial mixer running smoothly. This way, it will reduce the risk of unexpected breakdowns and help extend your mixer’s usable life.

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