125S – Security DN50 Sampling Valve

The mechanical locking device secures the sampling procedure.
1. The sampling bottle (container) can only be removed if the piston is completely closed and if the purging valve is opened.
2. The piston can only be opened if the sampling bottle (container) is coupled on the outlet and if the purging valve is closed.

The sample is taken in the same way as the standard Famat sample valve. The indicator (A) shows the position of the piston. This indicator has to show ” closed ” to allow the security lock (B) to be moved to the open position. Only Then, the sampling bottle can be removed from its bayonet coupling. The piston is locked inside the valve until the sample bottle is refitted and the security lock (B) is moved to “closed”

Product Description

Nominal Size DN 50 (2 in)
Max. Temperature +180 ºC +356 ºF
Min. Temperature -20 ºC +4 ºF
Pressure Class PN10
Design Pressure 10 bar 145 psi
Operating Pressure From full Vacuum to 10 bar/145 psi
INT. Roughness Ra ≤0.8 µm
EXT. Roughness Ra ≤3.2 µm
Appl. Standard 97/23/EC (PED ); 94/9/EC ; FDA
Body Material Stainless steel 1.4435 (316l), Hastelloy, Titanium etc
Seals Materials Viton, Viton/FEP/PFA, Perfluorelastomer FFKM; EPDM (All FDA)
Sample Unit Bottle 150 ml, Stainless Steel with Glass sight windows
Weight 36 lb 16 kg


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