Jaygo offers professionally rebuilt and refurbished process equipment such as mixers, blenders, deaerators, strainers, dryers, and much more. We not only refurbish our own product lines, but can repair and rebuild competitors machines as well. Typical rebuilds include complete disassembly and cleaning of all surfaces to check for obvious wear, clearance issues, and sufficient wall thicknesses. Old coatings are sandblasted down to bare metal before surfaces are primed and repainted. Fittings, bearings, gaskets, o-rings, fasteners, oil, grease, wires, packing, safety switches, and limit switches are replaced as needed before the equipment is rewired, reassembled, and lubricated. Control panels are cleaned externally and internally, re-wired if necessary, and tested.  Additional or new controls can be added such as HMI/PLC control or VFD’s for variable speed. Once rebuilt, refurbished equipment undergoes full factory acceptance testing (FAT) which includes a dry run. In addition, pressure, hydrostatic, and vacuum/leak testing is performed where applicable. Jaygo specializes in helping customers find the right equipment solution for their unique applications, and we carry some machines in stock. Our broad knowledge of process equipment means we can find the right equipment fit for the application, and we will never recommend equipment for use beyond its intended capabilities. For more information about our refurbished process equipment, see the table below, or contact us directly.
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