What Are Ribbon Mixers, and Why Do You Need One?

Ribbon mixers are the most common convective mixer. Popular food companies such as Pepsi and Kraft rely on this device for their production line. However, ribbon mixers are not restricted to the food industry. They can be adapted to mix any sticky, low density, and free-flowing powder or paste material. Below, we explain what ribbon mixers are and why you should consider getting one.

Primary Design

Typical ribbon mixers constitute a drive unit and a stationary shell with thin dual twisting ribbons mounted on a single shift. Everything is encased within a horizontal trough. These devices can be adapted for either batch or continuous mixing processes. Design variations change the number of spirals and the size of the trough.

The two blades can move in different directions and speeds. The outer blade is placed near the chamber wall to prevent materials from sticking to the blade. The blades must clear the powder surface to function effectively, and this requirement limits a ribbon mixer’s upper capacity.

Types of Ribbon Mixers You Can Buy

Ribbon mixers can be grouped into three types:

  • Paddle only agitator
  • Double ribbon mixer
  • Paddle or ribbon agitator

Each has different uses and contains unique features and design variations.

Why You Need a Ribbon Mixer

Simple Design

As discussed above, ribbon mixers have relatively few components. Therefore, the machine’s shaft can be removed for cleaning. In addition, the device can be disabled with ease ensuring long-term maintenance. The design ensures that leftover residue can be removed effortlessly. Furthermore, the simple design ensures that the machine can be operated smoothly. Your staff will not have to go through a complicated training process to run the mixer.

Good Drive Unit

The motor on the drive unit does not need to be fast. It consumes moderate amounts of power because ribbon mixers are mild mixing machines. Additionally, the two ribbons often have a small surface area, which lowers resistance. The motor uses less power with little resistance.

The drive unit motor also features a simple design that can be detached into its constituent components. Moreover, the drive unit is located outside the trough, and this construction eliminates the possibility of oil contamination.

Thorough Mixing

Ribbon mixers allow efficient mixing of all compatible materials because of the blades’ unique advantage. They are designed to move in opposite directions and are slow-moving, allowing the ingredients to mix evenly.

Varied Application

These machines are versatile as they can be used in multiple industries to mix dry and wet ingredients. Ribbon mixers are used to mix grout, fine gravel, cake mixes, pet food, cereals, pharmaceutical chemicals, and salads. The mixers mix the material flawlessly, which makes the machine so attractive in various industries. However, you should avoid using extremely sticky substances with the devices as the blades become hard to clean.

Seal Construction

Most ribbon mixers have a seal structure that facilitates effortless alterations to the packing seal. This feature allows the machine to be adapted for multiple processes and industries. Therefore, you will have access to simple seal structures that can be modified and maintained as needed.

Ribbon mixers are popular in different industries primarily due to their utility. You should buy one because the machines have a simple and practical design to thoroughly mix various kinds of free-flowing materials. They also feature a good and serviceable drive train that does not contaminate your products with oil. The machine can be adapted for various use cases and offers you an efficient seal construction.
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