For continuous automatic removal of air and other gases from liquid, viscous and pasty products Processing of liquid products often incorporates air and unwanted gases into the product. These gases normally cause problems such as oxidation, discoloration, inconsistency and filling difficulties. Jaygo’s liquid deaeration plants have been developed to alleviate these problems by removing entrapped gases efficiently and economically. Efficient and Economical Designs for the Chemical, Food, and Pharmaceutical Industries Improve Product Quality
  • Eliminates coating problems.
  • Greater chemical stability.
  • Longer shelf life/prevention of oxidation.
  • Enhanced product appearance and texture.
  • Product color and clarity improved.
  • Better accuracy in filling and reduction of packing volume.
  • Improved overall product consistency.

Item #

Approximate Dimension A

Approximate Dimension B

Approximate Dimension C

Capacity Throughput (Based on the Product Viscosity)

JVD-18 xx62 in 28 in 68 in 0.5 to 5 gpm
JVD-24 80 in 42 in 72 in 3 to 10 gpm
JVD-30 86 in 48 in 84 in 8 to 25 gpm
JVD-48 108 in 66 in 102 in 20 to 50 gpm
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