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Jaygo recently shipped a sanitary Vee Blender to blend various powder ingredients for the production of vitamins and supplements. The unique design of Jaygo’s Vee Blender provided important benefits to the customer including increased blender shell strength and enhanced discharge and cleanability. The 8000 liter blender was constructed in 316 Stainless Steel and included a pneumatically actuated discharge valve with inflatable seat, radio frequency proximity switches for the loading ports, and a radio frequency level probe to monitor fill level when cleaning. The blender was positioned for loading or cleaning through the use of an encoder. Jaygo Vee and Double Cone Blenders & Dryers can be supplied from 8 to 8000 liters and include jackets for heating/cooling, intensifier bars for deagglomeration and liquid addition, vacuum outlet with filter housing, as well as various types of charging and discharging systems. Click here for more Information.

Double Arm Mixer with Overlapping Blades

Jaygo recently shipped a 300 gallon Double Arm Mixer with Overlapping Blades to be used for drying of specialty metal powders. Due to the extreme weight and doughy consistency of the product as it is dried, the heavy duty nature of this equipment combined with the unique overlapping blade design provides just the right amount of strength, power, shear, and energy to mix, blend, and dry this difficult-to-handle product. The equipment included jacketing for product heating, vacuum shaft seals, and a special tilt system to handle the extreme weight of the batch and machine. Machines are also available with other styles of mixing blades (including internally cored blades for heating) and non-Overlapping designs. Click here for more Information.

Overlapping Blades Double Arm Mixer

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